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Training Centre

As a Private Training Centre you can deploy Cloud Campus for the following purposes:

  • For delivering various preparatory programmes and courses under an eLearning environment thereby increasing your student / learner base. The content can be developed by your trainers and published on Cloud Campus
  • Additional learning support for students who are being taught in a face-to-face environment. The support material will be developed by the institute trainers
  • Offer a range of programmes which are offered by Planet EDU leading to certification by Cambridge English Language Assessment (Part of University of Cambridge) or Qualifications and Assessments International, UK

The Cloud Campus can be seamlessly integrated to the institution’s website with the landing page / welcome page customised to the design of the website.

Setting up the Cloud Campus is very easy and simple and does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. It is like a self-help system which allows the institute to create and publish courses, learning resources and activities etc. quite easily. Cloud Campus will be happy to provide any support / training / orientation to teachers if required.

In case of any assistance required when setting up your Cloud Campus, you can contact us and one of our Certified Facilitators will be able to help you with your start-up activities at a nominal fee.